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Gal Nauer, an architect, and a free thinker established Gal Nauer Architecture and Design studio in Israel, in 2001, and in New York, in 2004. GNA has been working on international intriguing projects worldwide ever since, strongly following her belief in the power of architecture to make a difference. In the potential of every project to elevate the quality of life of spaces of experience to its inhabitants, and the surrounding community. Architecture is not a monument but a livable experience for the people and communities of generations to come. Architecture is weaving the future cultures and way of living for generations to come.

Gal Nauer, who has earned her Bachelor of Architecture degree from Pratt Institute in New York City, and her master’s in philosophy of Science from Tel Aviv University, encourages her team to look beyond the obvious, to doubt, investigate and research. To be free thinkers, dreamers, and visionaries.

“ We are experiencing an era of great and dynamic changes in every aspect of life; an era of profound changes is an era of great potential.“

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